Update :D

Okay so I finally gave up on photobucket. I keep trying to upload my pics and make some new slideshows and it doesnt work so this will be a quick update of some of my favorite photos from 4th of july and so on. Kayden took this pic of me.... :) And then here is me and kendall enjoying bear lake.
Kayden turned a BIG 3 years old on June 19th....then I turned the BIG 30 on June 20th! So i guess I wont ever be able to forget how old I am! LOL. The girls turned 2 on July 21st and then Tim and sariah came home on July 25th.

We also got into a 4 car wreck a week before tim and sariah came home. Not our fault and we were lucky to get a great rental car while my truck was being fixed!
We were very lucky to get to see all the berry side of the family right after Tim and sis got home. Sadly today we learned that Uncle Mike passed away last night of a heart attack. I am thankful to have gotten to see him again and to have some fun memories of him in my heart. Uncle Mike you are ONe of a KIND! We will miss you.

Maddie and Her Baby - She doesnt go anywhere without her! Also a pic of my new budding photographer. Kayden loves taking pictures and he took several of his shadow!! Can you say AWWW? Then there is mylee who somehow squeezer her bum into a toy dump truck.....I was lucky to get her out! And of course I posted a pick of my hubby stuffing his face.....this is the usual scene for me!! LOL

I have posted in many posts past that we have been cleaning up the junk left from the previous owners of our home. Here are some pics of the final results. BIG thanks to my dad and kendalls dad for all their efforts on saturday. You guys are awesome. Also a big shout out to Sean Hokanson! Thanks for helping us out and getting everything to look so great. Your a whiz on that Skidster. :)
The tracks from the dump trucks going back and forth! Ugh - glad winter is coming soon!
If you look at the 4th pick all that dark brown dirt used to be a personal landfill! It will soon be turned into a personal Chicken Run! Cant wait to not buy eggs anymore!


Reeniewelch said...

I guess that's about it in a nutshell huh? Talk about squeezing the months into one lump sum! Love the pictures though, especially of Kayden's shadow. He is so funny. Hey, and how come I'm not in any of the pictures? Oh that's right, I don't want my big fat butt posted for the bloggin world to see! LOL! By the way, your yard looks great. That was a crazy day but fun and well worth it!

kaTie said...

i am so sorry to hear about your uncle...

like to see what you and your family have been up to. miss you guys.

The Bowler Five said...

Lots of work and lots of fun. Hope all is well.

Our Family said...

Hey I am so sorry to hear about your uncle. I hope that you find comfort in family and friends and know that nothing can take away your good memories. I still need to come see your yard. Maybe I will load up the kids and do a drive by. Glad you were able to get your truck fixed and that you and Kendal weren't hurt. Thank goodness you didn't have your kids with you too. I love that Kayden likes to take pictures. A kid after my own heart. Love it all!

Housley Four said...

that is funny, Kaycee has the same outfit Mylee is wearing in the dump truck! Gotta love Wal-Mart! And by the way, u have awful luck when it comes to car crashes! maybe you better stick to walking!!