The New Sariah

So Sariah finally talked me into dying her hair...... I should feel like a bad mom for dying my 10 year old hair but I dont!!!! ITs way too cute to regret!!! LoVE Ya LiTTle GiRl!!




Callaways said...

that's awesome!!! I'm so addicted to dying my hair!!! but I have to say,I didn't start at 10!! might be big trouble ahead.. :) It looks great though

Our Family said...

Cute hair! And right before school starts. How fun. Baylee keeps bugging me to highlight her hair but I told her she has to wait at least till Jr. High. I get it though. It's a girls perogative to change our hair. It's what we do. Nice to see you posting again, I missed you! LOL

Reeniewelch said...

With that hair color she is such your little clone. Now I can't say she could be Amber's kid. I love the color. She is adorable. By the way, it's about time you posted! Where are all the bloggers?