More Face Painting Pics

These kids all looks so serious....I think my mom scared them when she was taking their pictures!


Reeniewelch said...

If you remember correctly, that first boy was very upset that you couldn't paint a dragon. That wasn't fear on his face; it was disappointment. Even though that was a rockin snake. LOL! I can't beleive he took it so hard. Anyway, all of it was darling. The kids looked so cute. I think you did a great job!

Taderbugs said...

Hey Sharee,
I am going to be making my blog private. If you want an invite, send me a message at taderbug@gmail.com.
Love the face paintings. I like the frog and lizard.

Connie~ said...

Sharee, you are so talented! I'm sure you put a lot of smiles on many little kid's faces. Sorry about you sore body afterwards.