So I realized the other day when I was posting that I have not posted any pics of Tim since he has been home. So I cornered him last night and took a bunch of pics! This is what I got!

Sariah also bought herself some fake nails the other day....She decided to leave them long and I told her that she now officially has witch hands! Kinda scary looking! LOL
Also a few more pics of my budding photographer kayden. I like the vantage point. It makes me realize how small he really is! LOL. So freaking cute.


Reeniewelch said...

Tim is such a nerd! Gosh I love him! He cracks me up. And those nails on Sariah sure won't last long. What was she thinking? So not only is Kayden going to drive tractors and big trucks, he's also going to be a photographer. It's great to have variety. He is so cute! Great pictures! Love ya!

Callaways said...

He reminds me so much of JAKE!!! what a goofball... And sorry Sariah.. those nails are creepy!!!