School, Golfing and Bear Lake

Tim, Kendall and Kayden went golfing with Eric and his boys and had a great time. Kayden had a hold of the camera almost the whole time. He took some funny pictures. I always get a kick out
of his pictures.

Tim and Sariah started school last weds and have had a blast. Alot of people comment that their kids dread school - not mine. They love it and all the friends that come with it!

We also went to bear lake this weekend and got to spend a fun day with the family and cousins. My mom's blog has all the pics so check it out. :)


kaTie said...

ohhhh i would die to have eye lashes like your kids.

my kids love school too. it makes it easy to send them back...

Reeniewelch said...

Great post Sharee! Love the pics. But you have gorgeous kids to make the pics great. I love Kayden's new hobby with the camera. He cracks me up. Love you guys!

Our Family said...

Thank God there aren't any pics of me on there LOL. We will have to send the boys away golfing again. Better do it soon too cuz winter is a comin. LOVE hanging out with you and your family! Your kids are so dang awsome. Hopefully the twins will warm up to me soon. See ya again soon!