So I Suck at Updates...Your Point Is?


Hello to all. I decided its been way to long since you have been able to hear about my awesome, wonderful, crazy life. I know you have missed me. :)
We have been busy with school and decided that on Labor Day Weekend that instead of camping like all other idahoians that we would drag our 5 beautiful, well behaved wonderful children to Hoogle Zoo........... I did say well behaved right? :P I could have gone to boot camp and been less exhausted than after our trip to the zoo! The twins hated the stroller and as soon as they were let free....oh my goodness! Mylee ran there and then Madisen took off in the other direction! I so wished that I had leashes on them. (yes I know that they are available for kids.....) They didnt care about the animals, they wanted to eat anything that they could find on the ground, and to make matters slightly worse Tim and Sariah were fighting with each other! I was ready to ask the zoo to adopt them and have them be the main attraction. Kayden was my only good one until it was time to go and then he screamed cuz he didnt want to leave! I have already requested that kendall lock me up if I ever think about doing a trip like this again! We are going to give the twins more time to grow up and learn to listen before we do.
So along with our TRIP we have been doing more work on our home. We finally have the form ready so that we can poor our concrete pad and build our much needed shed. We also have been collecting scrap wood and lumber from construction sites so that we can attemp to make our house the HALLOWEEN HOUSE of the neighborhood!!!
Thats been a fun arguement with kendall! He wants it to be Slasher/Gory Blood n Guts and I want it to be a Disney version! LOL. I think we will meet in the middle on this. So everyone feel free to drive by our house and enjoy the spookiness! Stop by and say hi too!

So this is the end of my update. Hope you enjoyed a short read - will post pics as soon as I get sharee time on the computer at my house!
Only 6 more Saturdays till Halloween! BooooHaaa BoooHaaaa!


Our Family said...

You sooo do not suck at updates!!! When you finally decide to do them they are terrific! I love the very PG version of your trip to the zoo. If I were telling the story there would be language and a PG13 rating lol.. Your new blog background is way cute and if you need help making Halloween decorations I have a few that I have made that we could do for you. Once I get my stuff out I will show you. See you tomorrow! Date night!

Michelle W. Nate said...

I hope I can see your place. I love Halloween. I just don't know where you live. Maybe Cherise and Tracy do.

Reeniewelch said...

This is a great update Sharee. I always get a giggle out your posts. You have a fun way of expressing yourself and telling a story. More pictures though. Can't wait to see how you decorate for Halloween. You can be one of the houses in Preston that everybody loves to come and look at. I love that you get into the Halloween spirit. Love you!

Callaways said...

glad to know you haven't fallen from the earth... sometimes it's hard to find time... and with all those little kids you have, you've got your hands, feet, arms, legs.... full!!!