The week begins!

Hello to all again. Just posting really quick to say that my dad is AWESOME! So is my husband but I have told him that already :)

They got my sink fixed and back together and now I dont have to wash dishes while I bathe the kids! (J/T)

I have not said much about Labor day weekend cuz I want to get my pics and things up but needless to say it was great! Loved seeing my sista and her hubby and BEAUTIFUL kids!

Also I want to say that since we have started this blogging thing my MOTHER has been making fun of the fact that my blog didnt have a whole lot going for it but now she is eating her words! HA HA HA! (Although it makes a difference to actually have the time to work on it thats for sure!)

Love to all!!!


Reeniewelch said...

Good job! I think your blog is great! It can be kind of addicting huh? And yes your dad is awesome! Love you guys!

Callaways said...

ya these things can be time consuming, but I think worth it.. you know there is a site you can print your blog out into a book. Looks similar to a year book, but very nice and neat.