Baby Steps....

We have finally hooked up our home computer to the internet! Yeah us!
It is going to be difficult to do catch up being as far behind as we are so when the mood
strikes me I will post some old funny pictures of the family. For now the newest drama is that our pipes under the sink is clogged and we cant get it unclogged so I am washing dishes in the bathtub and kendall is cussing at the pipes. We have tried everything (except professionals) and now are going to probably have to take that step. Ugh. Money down the drain! HA HA HA.
Kendall has to leave for two weeks to go to wyoming for his job and this is a first for us and it sucks. I barely survive my days with him here I dont know what I'm going to do without him.
Course my mom will help out when she can but still its going to be hard with him gone.
We have been looking into doing the truck driving thing like my pa does and fingers crossed are probably going to try. It would mean that if it all goes well I won't have to work and can stay home and go crazy with my kids. I would like to go back to school, I think being home all day with the kids and doing housework would drive me insane after being out in the work force for so long. My mom and dad took kayden for the night last night and it was nice to just be me and kendall (after 8 oclock and the babies were asleep) for once. Course we are boring old people now and sat and watched a really lame movie (thanks to mom she said it was good) and went to bed at like 9:30! Unheard of these days for us. Boring old people! Goodness I will have to work on changing that! Who wants to read about that? Heck I should just erase it...... :P


Let's play ball said...

Nice job on your blog Sharee!

I know it is hard on us moms and wifes when our hubbys are gone. Hang in there!


Callaways said...

freaking sweet.... and your blog is so cute.. great job... now I can spy on you!!!!