Its Thursday already?

Yeah that means I have survived a partial week without kendall....although my body doesnt feel like it! I am so tired! Sleeping has been probably the major issue for me. Mom offered me some ambien (she is sooooo addicted and is now trying to get me hooked) but I declined (like a good non drug user should) and said that I couldnt cuz I wouldnt hear my babies cry at 2 in the morning. Stupid reason really cuz I shouldnt get up with them but I cant help it. I dont see them all day and I spoil them when I am home.

I think that the kids notice he is gone, Kayden always ask for him especially when he sees his car but no daddy. The girls not so much but they are mommas / nana's / nae nae's girls so they aren't feeling neglected. Nae Nae is Kendall's mom. She watches the kids while I work and it is such a good thing. She has such a good time with them and it relieves me to know that someone who really loves them is watching them and cares for them.

So work is becoming slightly slow....which means I have to deal with stuff I put off all summer like the training manuel I was supposed to make and organizing all our collection files and getting things sent to the attorney and pulling files from our spooky downstairs basement where RICO the ghost lives....YIKES! Seriously scary down there. Hence the reason I have been putting it off.

My house is spotless and laundry actually has been put away. Yes mom dont die from shock...
Adios to all!!!


Callaways said...

I know what you mean.... my job will pick up the next month though with flu season, and strep... yay. but i'm so glad tomorrow is FRIDAY!!

Reeniewelch said...

What a great job on the blog! You are really getting the hang of it and doing better than me. Glad to give you a free night to work on it. We love having the kids! Hang in there. Kendall will be home before you know it. Luv u!

Rosie said...

I've got to say "Great Job" for having your house clean and laundry done, I wish I could say the same for me. Does your husband travel for work?