The Change?

Not that kind of CHANGE! Gosh! The New Year kind of change!
Change #1 - We are switching cell phone companies. Going from Verizon to Sprint. Why? Because my work gets a goverment price deal and we can save over $20 a month and get double what we have now so I consider this a GOOD CHANGE!
Change #2 - We are planning a FAMILY Vacation!!! Finally! I swear I have put this off forever. It was always - Oh we have to wait till I am not PREGNANT! Then it was we need kayden to get older or we need the twins to get older....NOW we consider them old and we can all go! We are planning a visit to Whibdey Islands and surrounding areas in Washington! Hopefully we will be gone about a for about 8 days! All at once...Holy Cow! Everyone is so excited. I partly grew up on Whibdey Islands while my dad was in the military and my oldest two grew up in Silverdale from the ages of 3-6! I defintely want to take a side trip to Forks....Maybe get a little vampire action in! So another GOOD CHANGE!
Change #3 - Ugh this one is hard! So I want to lose weight. Typical New Years resolution. I want to for our trip this summer and mostly to start being healthy. None of this skinny model crap...just healthy. So I am starting to calorie count, do smaller portions and exercise....So a GOOD CHANGE but I really hate the startup, the hunger pangs and the sore muscles...but its a good change Sharee! So just shut up and deal!
Change #4 - Finishing up Projects! I really want to say " WE are DONE with our PROJECTS!!" so the goals are : Finish spare bedroom upstairs, complete trim and paint, and complete clean and organize the REALLY SCARY basement - so I can actually go down there! :0) GOOD CHANGE!
Change #5 - We are turning off our TV,  internet, selling our game systems and learning to survive without...! HA HA Just teasing.. I didn't have a #5 figured out so I put one to see if you were still reading!
All in all we are starting this year off being better together! I love life and how amazing it really is! Now off to count them damn calories and nag on kendall to keep working! Love to All!


The Bowler Five said...

I don't think I can do without the internet, but the tv and game systems are still gone in our house and we LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Good changes. Have fun and enjoy the Pains along the way.

Erin said...

Awesome goals or changes, Sharee. I have found out the chewing gum helps with the hunger pains, and then you don't snack as much. Good luck with all your goals!

Reeniewelch said...

Okay Sharee...how lucky are you to have Erin comment on your blog! You are lucky. She won't leave comments on my blog! LOL! Are you reading this Erin? Oh and like Erin needs to lose weight! LOL! But I agree with her on the gum chewing. It does help. I alsmost keeled over when your last change was to get rid of your tv and video games. Kayden would freak! I hope you've taken Halo away from him because he's become a freak! Serioulsy Sharee, good luck with all of that. I BELIEVE in you! You can do it!

eteeter said...

Ha Ha nice one with the video games! I thought oh now what is Kayden going to do? I have been making some of the same changes that you discussed so maybe we can motivate each other. I have been going to the gym again and my kids love the new pool. If you want to go with me to check it out I have a few free passes. I would like to lose almost 100 pounds...someday, but for now I am okay with feeling better, having more energy and coping with stress better. Good post. Love ya girl!

Connie~ said...

Great changes!!! But when starting to read #5, I said out loud, "sure they are!" Best of luck with your changes and let us know how you do.