Hello to all! I wanted to post a few pics while i had a minute.
This is mary ellen! A woman that i adore and love so much! she just got her hair cut for the first time in 30 years! One hot lady - so single gents beware!

Tim and sis are having a great time in north carolina. these are the few and far between pics i have gotten. I wont complain at least he thought to send them! I really appreciate it!
Josh also talked Tim / Monkey haired boy into cutting his hair! Me and tim argue constantly about his shaggy hair! He likes it long, I like it short sometimes he wins sometimes i win and it looks like josh won this round!
Here they are playing in the ocean having a great time. I love that sariah is wearing a tank top
even though she has 3 swimming suits! Funny girl! I miss you guys tons! DON'T FORGET US!


Reeniewelch said...

I miss them so much! But it looks like they are having fun. I am so glad Tim got his hair cut. So much nicer. Also love that pic of Mary Ellen. So cute! I love her hair like that.

Taderbugs said...

oh how I want to go back to NC again! They have the best beaches ever! i would rather go there than disneyworld any day! Glad they are having so much fun!

Callaways said...

so cute... glad they are having fun...that's awesome about her hair, and being able to donate it.. I had a guy come put our blinds in yesterday, that said he works with you. I can't remember his name, but said you were having a bbq sometime soon... it was kindof funny.

Jenny said...

they are just visiting right? when will they be home?

Jenny said...

hey! Why you not stalk me no more?