Tag I am so it! LOL

K sorry Tara it took me so long to get to this...I am obsessed with decorating right now plus I am planning Alpines Halloween Party which is this Friday so yeah...just a tiny bit busy! LOL.
1. I have to have the house completely spotless before going to bed or I dont sleep well.
2. From the time I was 4 till I was 8 yrs old I would have reaccuring dreams that i still remember in detial to this day.
3. I secretly want to be a man somedays...I hate PMS, Mood swings, and Boobs. LOL!
4. I can pick things up with my toes like a monkey...came in really handy with the twins.
5. I notice that when I pose for pictures i always tilt my head to the side
6. I get cravings that last for months. Like I want potatoes and gravy for 2 months. Nothing else will sound good. Right now the craving is Subway.
7. I am a pack rat when it comes to craft stuff...I hold on to anything that might remotely become a decoration!

Tagging.....My mom, Amber, Erin, Melanie, Brandy, Angie, Aunt Pat
Wow I know 7 People! LOL. Crap...they are all family...

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Heather said...

Hi Sharee,
I have written a message to your sister Amber as well, but any way. This is Heather your friend, part of the Chatterton family. I found you two through Kirbys blog and then your parents. I so want to talk to you guys. This is the only way I know how to get a hold of you. My blog is sirrine-a-thon.blogspot.com and my email is zoomsam2423@yahoo.com and my number is 801-573-2105. Please call or write or whatever I would love to catch up with you. i was wondering if we could link blogs as well, so I can keep up with you.