So I really doubt that my family is in the condition to update right now.
Caitlin is jakes little girl and she had an MRI today and they found a massive tumor in her brain that is pushing on some vital areas and that is why she has been having so many problems. Well jake and erin had to call primary childrens and they said that she has to go down there now and get the fluid drained out of her brain and the pressure relieved so that they can operate on the tumor which they want to do today. We are unsure what kind of tumor it is at this point. So they are all headed down there right now. PLEASE PRAY FOR MY NIECE AND MY BROTHER AND SISTER IN LAW!!!! I will keep everyone updated. Thanks.


Tammy said...

if there is anything i can do or my kids can do where they live so close to Jake and Erin please let us know. if something needs to be done at their apartment or some one in the bishopric needs to be contacted please let me know and we will be right on it, please keep us posted I have submitted her name in the temple.

Let's play ball said...

Sharee, thanks for telling us about Jake and Erin's little one! We will all keep her in our prayers, and the rest of the family as well. Keep us posted.
Love ya.

Michelle W. Nate said...

I wondered what the results were of her MRI. I am sorry to hear that. Please let us know how they are all doing and know that we will be thinking of them.