Aloha to all.... Its been a couple days and felt the need to post. Life has been crazy fine. Had a great sunday dinner with my family. It was YUM! Mom is such a good cook. She has taught me well thats for sure. It was nice to see Jake and his cute Fam. His wife Erin is giving my dad a run for his money on the battle of the wits thats for sure. Its funny to watch the banter between them. We actually went to church with them a NINE AM!!! Yeah I got all 6 of us ready in an hour and yes... I am that good....
Anyways work is always a fun new day. I am handling the stress of the collection mess and we are implamenting new systems to make things more efficient, so there is the teaching an old dog new tricks stress! Hee Hee.
Also Kayden went potty in the toilet for the 1st time the other day and he was so proud of himself!!! He called me on my cell and told me. It was awesome. He of course has not done it since but still....he just turned two and this is a big step for him!
Kendall will be back on Saturday night. Its an 8-9 hour drive. Yuck.
So thats my update......hope I didnt put you all to sleep!!!


Reeniewelch said...

Your life is always crazy!! What can you expect with five kids! It's funny that I got you started on your blog, but you are always helping me to fix mine! Love you!

Callaways said...

I know what you mean... about life being crazy.... although I don't have ANY little kids at my house yet..... Life just gets busy.