The Daily Routine

Disclaimer: Please read keeping in mind that I am a Sacrastic/Humorous Little Beast. :0)

6 o hellish in the morning Kendall’s alarm goes off. I blink sleepily around and then crash back into the wonderful dreamland I was so rudely interrupted from. Not that I am lazy but from the fact that I was woke up at 2 a.m. by my CAT that wanted outside which resulted in my DOG slipping out with her which later results in another climb out of bed a half hour later to let the DOG back in the house. No sooner do I relax my body than one of two things will happen. A: Mylee will wake up crying that she has to go to the bathroom or B: Kayden is standing right by my head breathing in my face and making a weird noise to wake me up…after which he climbs over me and proceeds to take up whatever small space is left from KENDALL and the DOG. Usually option B happens.

Kendall will wake me up once again at 7 o’hellish in the morning with a quick shove off the bed to make sure that I get up and get going. I mean after all… He got a full night sleep didn’t he? I drag myself from bed and proceed to do all that is necessary to make myself presentable for work. Then off to wake up little RUGRATS and make them presentable to go to daycare. After shoving several pop-tarts and sugary cereal down their throats we are out the door and on our way. My DOG usually follows us to daycare where I proceed to yell and wave my hands at her (looking like a complete fool) in a useless attempt to make her go home. After a few almost adult minutes talking to another adult I HUG and KISS those cute RUGRAT faces and head off to my dreaded job. The DOG attempts to follow but I speed away leaving her in the dust.

I will then go and manage a payday loan store. From 9am to 6pm I will sit in this office for 9 HOURS. On a REALLY good day I will see about 10 people. On a NORMAL day I will see about 3 and some days I see NO ONE. I feel like my brain and bones are turning to mush from the inactivity. The job itself is quite easy and not too much of a challenge. The people (when I do see them) are quite interesting and get slightly freaked out by my incessant chatter and insane laughter… after all I have sat here for 9 hours ALONE!

I drag myself home, the inactivity of the day having made me feel like I am was the last survivor of a nuclear bomb, thankful that Kendall was off of work before me and has made dinner. 6pm and a house destroyed, sink full of dinner dishes and children to bathe. There are clothes to be washed and dried, chickens to be fed and watered. At 9pm I am forcing my children to bed and finishing up the cleaning. 9:30 rolls around and I am staring blankly at the TV wondering where my day went. I do my nightly round as Kendall finishes watching his TV show and then I fall asleep…Till 2 am.


Reeniewelch said...

Hey I left a comment yesterday and it didn't show up. What's up with that?

Reeniewelch said...

Oh now there it is. Great post Sharee! I think you need to write a book about your crazy life! You could get rich!

Insane Dramas said...

That was cute. A very fun yet exciting day. Not much goes on with my day, but I see my mom and I think of you. What I tell my mom to do after a long day of work is, take a week off go somewhere with a good friend or family member and just take off. Don't worry about the kids I'll take care of them. Since my mom is a single parent, then in your case have your husband take care of them and go. But sadly my mom says she's wished she could but just not enough time and money. So hopefully your husband will give you the chance to enjoy yourself.

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