Showing Off

I do that sometimes. Ya know? Show off.
Course this isnt really a big deal...except for the fact that I have carpal tunnel and tendonitis therefore if I actually do this all the time... I sleep sitting up in braces with a bottle of Advil by my bed.....
Honestly though.... I think its worth it and I wish I had time to do more! Hope you like my Cross Stitch Snowman Ornament.... and since I finished it and I want time to enjoy it....My tree will be up for AT LEAST another 2 weeks!
Happy Monday! From ME!

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Reeniewelch said...

That is so way cute! Besides this killing your hands, where do you find the time? I really wish you could get your hands fixed. It will just get worse. Darling cross stitch though. Wish I could get motivated to do those again.