So I had a life change on Jan 13th, 2011. I lost my job. I cant say much about it except for I will say this. I could do nothing to change what happened. I could not save my job for I was not given the chance to. My position was no longer needed in that company and they laid me off. I never had a bad work review. I never had problems with absences. I did everything I was supposed to and more. Obviously it was not enough.

So now I am a stay at home mom till I can figure out what to do. I feel kind of trapped right now not sure where to turn. Its almost like a clean slate except my bills tell me that I still need to bring in some money... Sigh.. why couldn't those have been laid off to? :0)

My dad is pushing me to go to school, that I have been wasting my life (gee dont tell me how you really feel!) and that this is all for the best. (Ummm dad are you plannin on paying my bills? Oh your not? Dang it!)

So (I am saying So again) I thought that if I put this out into the universe and I just let it go that somehow the bitterness, the fear, the betrayal and the depression will go to and I can see a clear path to what I need to do.

Do I have more to say about what happened? Sure I do. BUT. I know that it will not change what happened. I know that in time I will get over it. Years and Years and YEARS from now I might even think about forgiving. Plus Kendall still works there and I need to support him in supporting our family. I do not want to ruin what job standing he has there.

I am sincerely grateful for the wonderful people in my life that have supported me and tried to help me see that elusive silver lining that I am currently blinded to. I am grateful to the few friends that I have made that called me and texted me and sent me comfort.

Thank you and I will be fine. To my old job - you only got one day of complete ruin out of me. To myself - they didnt even deserve that.

So. It. Is. Settled.

On to a new life, one that I hope where I never REPEAT that experience again.


Reeniewelch said...

I truly understand how hard it is to see the blessings in something like this. Trust me on this...and you know I know. Sometimes you can't see the forest through the trees. But Heavenly Father has a plan for you and you need to have faith and trust in Him. I personally think you will make a great art teacher! Love you!

Erin said...

Sorry, that totally sucks! If I hear of any openings anywhere I will let you know.

The Hokansons said...

Oh Sharee! It is so sad to hear you feel bad about that! There was nothing you could have done- but keep on keepin' on! You are so talented and maybe since you are home you will have time to do your art and then sell it!!!! I actually really do know a guy very well who has an art studio if you wanted to try and see about getting some of your stuff out there!

Our Family said...

Sharee I hadn't heard about this. Can I just say that this SUX! But like you said, it's an opportunity to do something new. You are so talented and driven that I know this will not keep you down for long. I am sure that they would give you a nice referal and that will help. Have you gone to ARS and applied? LOL I will keep my eyes open for job listings. Call me sometime. It's been FOREVER! Now our schedules match ;) Love you hon. Chin up. You are a trooper and you will get through this.

Tara said...

OH, I'm so sorry... that so sucks. and that happened to us just like that too!!! I have a few girls in our billing department that are about due to have babies, so when their jobs open up I'll let ya know. Not the most glamorous job, but the girls down there are fun, and it's money!! I'll let ya know.

Eeshie said...