The List of Excuses...

So I know that you know that I never have time for anything...Example: You will probably be shocked to learn of all the things I have done(starting friday of the labor day weekend)and no these things are not in order... hey I am not about to start making sense this late in life!

1. Made 2 pecan pies
2. Helped my sister make a suprise entrance at my father's 50th suprise birthday party - which in turn suprised my mom cuz no one knew they were coming but me and they stayed at MY HOUSE on friday to suprise everyone on SATURDAY at the park at 1:30pm.... 1:30 PM!!!
3. Cleaned my house top to bottom approx 107 times.
4. Made 2 big family dinners that fed approx 98 people....Okay fine...45 people.(wink wink)
5. Got one whole night to ourselves - NO CHILDREN - because my mother is crazy and had a GRANDCHILD SLEEP OVER!!! (Wahooo!)
6. Took tons of pictures
7. Mowed my chicken coop
8. Picked and Ate all my corn from my garden and am now drying my corn stalks
9. Started drawing up plans for our yard halloween set up
10. Made a corn husk wreath (instructions at http://chickensintheroad.com/blog/2009/10/14/how-to-make-a-corn-husk-wreath/ )
11. Got a huge blister from the corn husk wreath
12. Started two projects of cross stitch
13. Thought about selling my children
14. Cleaned my house again for the 108th time. :0)

I know there is more but after working that hard and having to deal with my family for 3 WHOLE DAYS... can you blame my poor little head for not being able to handle the torture therefore forgetting the most excruciating parts? :0)

Hope Everyone is enjoying our fall weather, I know that I am!!! Off to get dinner ready for tomorrow and look at how much money I can get selling my kids... I mean look for halloween decorations.... Muuaaaahhhhh!!!


Reeniewelch said...

I think you should be grateful that I'm crazy enough to take ALL the grandkids! And grateful that we didn't come up to your house that night clang on pots and pans under your bedroom window! LOL! What a chaotic weekend! Always fun and dramatic! Otherwise it wouldn't be the Welch's.

Callaways said...

you got too many kids to never be overwhelmingly busy... glad you squeezed in all that other stuff.

Rosie said...

What? You are busy? Even with all those kids, a hubby, a house, a job, and visitors and you are STILL busy?!:)