Happy Friday

As I sit here pondering how to spend my weekend... I realize I already had planned it!! :0)

Kendall, Tim and Sariah are currently painting 2 rooms today. We finally finished getting the room upstairs ready for paint. Everything has been mudded, taped, textured and spackled to perfection. Well minus the little hole in the wall from me attempting to set a nail...but I think Sariah got that covered up for me! (note: Sharee is not allowed to handle a hammer)

Tim has gone with a Camoflauge theme (I blame his father...both of them) and is going with a very becoming color called Dune. One wall will be painted in camoflauge (to be done by yours truly.) Because of how his room is situated the doorway we had built requires a custome door.....(WHAT?!?!? I dont have the money for a CUSTOM DOOR...hmmm I can make one? Really?) So I made a really cool door out of Camo fabric using the no sew bond stuff and a tension rod...! Ta da!... Oh...it doesnt fit quite right... theres a gap...Oh well hes a boy he doesnt care... Right Tim?

Sariah has been doing some soul searching lately and has decided that NEON is her thing. Neon shirts, socks, undergarments, pillows etc...have made their way into our home. So why not paint the walls to match? Neon Green will be lighting up her room spotted with Neon Pink and Purple dots... BIG pink and purple DOTS...(why me?) She has decided that instead of having a night light (those are for BABIES don't ya know?) that her cieling will be adorned with glow in the dark stars and planets so that she can dream endless dreams by falling aleep looking up into the endless universe. Ahhhhh....

The M & M twins get a bigger room which luckily for them comes with a bigger t.v. and also the addition of... (wait for it)............THEIR OWN BEDS!!! No more sleeping on a queen mattress on the floor...cuddled together....fighting over covers...Nope! They will each have their own stuff to mess up! Yeah!!!

As for Kayden well he has had his room set up for a while now and refuses to move. "Mom I have xbox n Halo... I am not going anywhere..!" Geez okay! (He is took freakin cute! Those eyes!! Can't resist....tooo cute...!)

The house is getting its fall makeover on the outside. For some peculiar reason I only decorate the outside of the house for fall and halloween and only the inside for christmas. I think it has something to do with the weather and I try to stay outside as long as possible! Once the snow hits I am like a bear and I hibernate!

I will post some pics (hopefully not side tracked so much that I forget!) Have a greet weekend everyone!

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Reeniewelch said...

Now that is what I call an update! This is one crazy family! But of course, you are Welch's. What more can you ask?!?!?!?!