By the Power of Coffee

After drinking approx 28 oz of DELICIOUS COFFEE....I decided to move all the furniture out of the soon to be babies room, pull out the carpet, pad, tack strip n staples and then clean the house within an inch of its life all before 9 am. I even bathed the littlest ones and fixed the babies hair! Phew...! I am tired! Here are some picks of my awesomeness...

See Proof that I actually did something!

The ugly vinyl under the carpet and pad... It was filthy!

Ready for new carpet!! Yeah!!

Truck full of all the UCKINESS!!

Ahhh Now it doesnt smell like doggy pee anymore!! I LOVE A CLEAN HOUSE!


Reeniewelch said...

Maybe if you didn't drink so much coffee...you wouldn't be such a freak! LOL! BLAH BLAH BLAH! Man you are a busy bee! I can't wait to see the rooms when they are done. I think Tim's room look awesome! I bet he just loves it! I'm glad him and Sariah now have their own rooms.

Kingsfords said...

What babies? Is there something I don't know or are referring to the twins? ;o}}} Is that a rainbow in the pics? I f not would you like to purchase one?

Callaways said...

sometimes all you need is caffiene, and lots of it!!!

Housley Four said...

good job cuz!!!