Falling for Fall

For some reason it has felt like we are going to skip august and jump head first right into september! Maybe its just because I love the smell of fall, the excitment of the upcoming holidays (Halloween especially) or just the change of my children starting school.

I love fall! I love eating fresh veggies from our garden (which is really struggling right now) checking our pumpkins to see how BIG they are getting, decorating my house and making crockpot dinners with rolls rising on the stove... Hmmm Boy! Definetly getting excited.

Our weather has not helped either! Its been acting funny lately by showering us with thunderstorms, rain and lots of wind and clouds which is bringing our temperature down enough that I am ready for my hoodie! Which is one of my favorite clothing items to wear during the fall. Hides all my lovely rolls... I mean curves. :0)

So with fall looming around the corner and now that my house is completely dejunked, I am ready to organize, clean, redecorate, and finish up projects. Plus I finally will be posting instructions of my lady bug bowling balls along with photos!

If any of you have any great fun, simple fall decorations I can put on my to do list let me know!


Kingsfords said...

looks like your life is wonderful enjoy it everyday! Even on those bummer days because they will help you appreciate those wonderful family sharing days! Love you all

Reeniewelch said...

Geez, it's about time you posted! Lazy bum! LOL! And quit wishing the summer away. After fall is winter and that SUCKS! So love having Tim and Sariah home. Hope you post pics soon of your cute lady bugs. BLAH BLAH BLAH! LOL!

Connie~ said...

Enjoy your blog Sharee! And we are certainly hoping not to skip August... bit your tongue!

The Hokansons said...

How did you find time to D.I./de-junk, you have more kids than me! Come do my closets for me! You need to post pictures of your family vacation!