Jazz Game

For kendalls bday I was able to get 5 tickets to the Jazz game because I have the most awesomest boss ever! We got to take my bro Jake and kendalls parents! We had a blast. Stopped at olive garden on the way and then the Jazz killed the Rockets in 3 point shooters all night! It was the bomb! I love being able to go do things like that for Kendall. I love that man! Granted he has his faults but hey he puts up with ME! Enough said there! I would post more but every time I do pictures I have a hard time getting words inbetween the pictures and getting the layout to work. So goodbye for now!


Callaways said...

switch back in your settings to the old way of posting... easier. Glad you all got to go, and had fun... sorry we couldn't come, just a bad weekend... but next time!!!!!! And we'll see you on Sunday!!!! MUAAHHH

Reeniewelch said...

Oh and what about the people that watched your little rugrats so you could go and have fun? The people you didn't invite to go to the game? Oh well. Just chopped liver I guess. No big deal. LOL! Glad you guys had a great time. The kids were great and we had fun. Love you!