Odds n Ends

We have not been up to too much around here. Tim celebrated his birthday on saturday. He is 12 now! He is growing up and loves to brag about how tall he is getting.

This is something that he drew in his art class! Not bad for a Sanchez!!

I am currently taking an art class at the Junior High in Logan once a week. This is the photo I used for my homework.

This is the final product. It was done in charcoal. I don't think it turned out to bad. I made her eyes a bit too big but all in all I really like it. :0)

Hope things are well for everyone!


Callaways said...

Looks pretty dang freaking good to me!!! Happy birthday TIM

The Bowler Five said...

nice job.

Reeniewelch said...

I just love my Timmers. And he is getting really tall! His birthday was fun! Your drawing is awesome! You have an amazing talent. I'm glad that you are taking a class because it's something you love to do. Love you!

Our Family said...

Happy birthday Tim! Sharee that drawing is amazing! I am soooo happy that you are doing these classes. You have always loved art and you are dang good at it! You should mat and frame that. You should be proud! I am proud of you. Keep going. Maybe I will find a picture for you to do for me and I will hang it in my house.