The Longest Post Ever!

Welcome to the Longest Post Ever (ever....ever.....ever....fading echo) We will be featuring the following:
The Ugly Chickens Arrive, Halloween Madness, Someone Gets Old ( and I mean OLD), and Does Sharee Ever Dress Her Children?!?

The curtian rises.....

Behold...the UGLY Chickens....The Welch's decided that is was time that they did something charitable. They thought long and hard, rejected many ideas for they did not fit the high quality standards that they had set. Send money to starving children in africa? Make care packages for our poor troops in Iraq? Visit the old and forgotten in the Nursing homes? Hmmmm they thought... all those were good ideas...but wait...One idea shined above all of them! SAVE THE UGLY CHICKENS FROM RITEWOODS! Give them a loving home, where they can grow back their feathers, rest in warm straw and.....BECOME BEAUTIFUL AGAIN! Announcing the Chicken Makeover Center in Franklin Idaho!

Go from THIS........


Another Service provided is CHICKENMATCH.Com for finding your soulmate after you become beautiful again! (Personality Profiling Free with a 60 day subscription!)

AHH True Love!

Next up we have HALLOWEEN MADNESS! Sharee is known to be slightly off her rocker...but there are now rumors flying that she is a witch and has become a follower of satan. We had these photos taken just before the trick or treaters came around! Many stayed away from her home sensing the evil surrounding it!

The keeper of the home was quite dead and zombie like..

Care Bears came and did a CARE BEAR STARE...but to no avail!
Disappointed by their failure they ran home and stuffed themselves on Candy! Next a wizard came to cast a spell...

only to find He had made the home MORE EVIL!!! Now many residents fear for their lives and have made plans to sell their homes and move! What is this world coming to?!?!? Mooohahaa MoooHaaHaa

On to lighter news...We would like to announce that Irene Welch has Turned.....50!!!

Some say she demanded a recount others...well lets just say she is not taking it well!!
Family and friends gathered to cheer her up with food and presents. One was overheard commenting "Just trying to stay on her good side...I want to be kept in the will!"

Caitlyn quickly staked her claim upon the moose that was given to her...much to the disappointment of Madisen and Mylee!

Congratulations MOM! Happy Birthday!

So Does Sharee ever dress her kids....?

I think that the answer would be NO!! And as you can see they dont seem to mind!
Happy Monday Everyone!


Reeniewelch said...

I have to say that this was so freaking hilarious! I especially loved the part about the chickens. Very creative! You have made my day! You have missed your calling. YOu need to be writing a book! Or get paid to do your blog. Loved the birthday post. Thanks so much for that! Hey, and I look dang good for an old woman! Oh and I love that Care Bear stare! That is darling! Love the spooky house. You did a great job. And naked children. Ya just gotta love em! They don't like clothes or shoes. I wonder where they get that from. Great post! This is just way too funny!

Housley Four said...

u crack me up!!

Connie~ said...

Sharee, you are a funny gal! Enjoyed this post!!!!! Now go dress you kids.....

eteeter said...

Sharee I love the chickens! They do look much improved and I know that they will appreciate your dating services. Your house looked great for halloween and I will ALWAYS stop and trick or treat there so you don't shake your angry finger at me LOL.;) And those little streakers of yours are adorable. Nothing can make me laugh faster than knocking on your door and walking into a nudist colony. LOL Awesome post!! Love it!Oh I almost forgot..Irene is 50?? Ha ha ha ha ahhhhh ha ha ha snort ha ha ha Happy birthday!!

Callaways said...

OH... I can't wait til I can decorate my house up like that!!!!! I love halloween!!! We need to do a party together, cause it's just too much work for one person, but there just isn't enough going on for it if you ask me... I love the CARE BEARS!!! such great costumes... and no matter how old your mom gets, she'll never be as crazy as your dad!!!

Are you ready for this? said...

Love the naked baby pictures!!!

Jenny said...

that was quite funny!