And the Winner is.....

MELISSA!?!?!? What? Are you people crazy? I had the best pumpkin!! Me...Not kendall, not melissa, not jeremy..... MEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Okay....I think I am okay...Just breathe sharee.......

In all seriousness...She did have a great pumpkin! The camera didnt take a good pic of it but she had done an  I love Lucy logo and face silohette of Lucy. It was awesome!!! I won 2nd place and Kendall got third!
We won the Clue Game and a Decorate it yourself Halloween Candy House.

The party was alot of fun..Here is my picture backdrop area

And here is the shop all decorated and ready to go! Kendall helped me all day and was awesome! Love ya babe we make a great team :)

We got ready just in time to get our pic taken and see everyone file it. We had forgotten our memory card for our camera so these are the only pics we have! Alpine had hired a hypnotist for the night and that was hilarious. Great food, Great entertainment and a Great Night!

Saturday we got up and put everything up and away into our shed to prepare for winter. Our yard is clean and pretty and all the things that we hold dear are now tucked away safely and will be ready for some hard use next year! 
Sunday - since my mother didnt invite us up....! GOSH MOM!!! (just teasing!)
We decided to get ready for our chickens that my mom got us. Here is the last of the garbage to be cleaned up in the yard and now you can see the old foundation and its ready for a new building!!
Here chicky chicky chicky!! We want some eggs!

See our shadows as we stand and admire the results of all of our hard work! See our beautiful shed in the background? (thank you dad, and grandpa b) So excited! Went in and made Chicken Lasanga, watched a movie with the kids,overslept and was late to work....WHAT A PERFECT WEEKEND!


Reeniewelch said...

Hey we were waiting for you to invite us to Sunday dinner. So whatever, leave your old parents hangin! The yard looks great. And I'm glad that at least you got one picture of you guys in your costumes. Not sure about the Kendall and the whole hula girl thing. It's pretty funny with the beard though. I'm glad you guys had fun. And boy was I glad that your kids slept through the night. It was definitely interesting having all five of them sleep over. But they were great! I think Maddie asked once, "where's mommy?"

eteeter said...

Your costumes cracked me up! Do you think Kendall will wear that when he comes and cleans my carpet so I can tease him in person? Ha ha. Your pumpkins were awsome. I wish you would have gotten a picture of the winning one so we could decide who we think should have won. (I being the great friend would have totally voted for you) Hope we see you guys on Halloween, unless we cancel it at our house lol.