Easter Fun

Good Morning to All. I am the only one awake in my family right now due to the fact that i am used to getting up at 4:45am every morning! Luckily I slept in till 6:30am today. Lucky me!
We had a great easter! That saturday we cut down that pine tree and another offending tree with the help from an awesome guy named troy! He works with us at alpine and along with his
many talents being a professional lumber jack is one of them!

Then Kendall gets it in his head that he wants to try it! I swear if my kids dont give me gray hairs he's going to!

So thankfully He didnt get hurt and both them ugly trees are gone! (well kinda) Then we went up to my mom's for easter and spent a great time with my grandmas, Jake and his Family, and my parents. Ashlee showed up with David and we got to see them for a while.
The week has been busy for both of us at work and has flown by for us. We demolished two of the ugliest sheds you have ever seen last night and am working on the addtl clean up etc. So i will post pics of those later another day.
Have a Wnderful Weekend Everyone!


Callaways said...

glad you had some alone time, even if it meant getting up really early... and glad your hub didn't break his neck.. that's how guys are... gotta try the death defying stuff.

katie said...

i'm so glad to see you posting... things are lookin' good!

Reeniewelch said...

I think it's just crazy to be up in a tree like that. Nutso! But it's all comeing together. YOu may regret not having those trees when the hot summer hits. You will miss the shade they provided. LOL! But it looks great. Tons more to do!