Wow I have not written for so long! I am sorry to those small few that read my blog! :) Our computer has had a virus for the last three weeks and we have been trying to get rid of it and finally were able to yesterday! So I will be posting pictures and events soon. We are doing well. We went the weds before thanksgiving and cut down our tree. A traditional event that I have kept alive for my kids. I remember doing it with my parents and how much fun it is and once I had my own family kept that tradition. We had a great time and didnt freeze! My sister tells me that its a tall charlie brown tree but we highly disagree! It was great to have amber and her cute family up for thanksgiving. It was fun and stressful and tiring all at the same time. ALOT OF GRANDKIDS in the house! Currently we are planning our christmas treats for friends and neighbors, christmas shopping and trying to remember the true meaning of christmas. Love to all! MERRY CHRISTMAS and all that JAZZ!

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Reeniewelch said...

It was utter chaos....but totally fun! I loved every second of it!My butt was twitching just a bit with the mess! LOL!