Halloween Decorating!

Moony 1 So let me tell you a little bit about putting up the decorations. Sharee is a freak. Once she gets something in her head it has to be done like yesterday.

Please ignore kendall...He is just tired and doesnt know what he is saying....so anyways back to me! LOL Let me know what you guys all think. I made the ghost out of an empty 3 liter Shasta bottle, $1 Plastic white Tablecloth and a wire hanger with some manly electrical tape! As for the pumpkins - some stumps painted orange with a smaller stump on top and then add your own flare and Viola! Cute pumpkin Decorations! Enjoy!

P.S. Tim added the Mooning Man - He still has not stopped laughing!


Tammy said...

Sharee, these are way cute you have done a great job, like i told your mom today i think i am going to make some of these to see if it will ease my mind, and preoccupy me for little while.

Let's play ball said...

Sharee, you are so cute... and your Halloween decor is so inventive, love them. We'll have to start calling you Martha. LOL


Reeniewelch said...

So way cute! I love the ghost. It's looks quite real in the dark like that. You need a few more. And I loved the pumpkins with the cobwebs on them. And Tim's mooning man is cool! He's so smart. I love his sense of humor!

Rosie said...

You are so creative! I bet your kids are enjoying those decorations, I know mine love putting up Christmas.

Callaways said...

looks awesome....it's my favorite holiday.... Hay i'll send you an email about our halloween party... if you can come that would be so fun.